Album Cover Artwork

Updated September 7

This is a look at interesting album cover artwork. The ten albums will be updated weekly on Friday. Generally, the albums shown will be new, with an occasional classic dropped in. Album title, artist and year of release is shown below the cover.

"That's a Computer"
Providence - Single Lash
That's A Computer - Lucas Pino
"Body Feel"
Body Feel - Shook Ones
Canvas - Moya Brennan
"We Share Phenomena"
We Share Phenomena - Lambert & Dekker
Dionysus - Dead Can Dance
"The Atlas Underground"
"Insulated World"
The Atlas Underground - Tom Morello
Insulated World - Dir En Grey
"Born In Tokyo"
"Mortal Longing"
Born In Tokyo - Bvdub
Mortal Longing - Sleepthief