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Updated July 17

The following is a music video that will be updated daily. The majority of the videos will be from artists that have appeared on my Music Library. If the track appears on my '500'..the ranking will be shown after the year of release. If the track appears on my Music Library, it will be noted by its number. (this feature will return soon)

"Time Has Come Today" is a hit single by the Chambers Brothers, written by Willie & Joe Chambers. The song was recorded in 1966, released on the album The Time Has Come in November 1967, and as a single in December 1967. Although the single was a Top 10 near-miss in America, spending five weeks at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the fall of 1968, it is now considered one of the landmark rock songs of the psychedelic era. The song has appeared in many films. Director Hal Ashby used all 11:06 as the backdrop to the climactic scene when Captain Robert Hyde (Bruce Dern) "comes home" to an unfaithful wife (Jane Fonda) in the 1978 Academy Award winning film Coming Home.

Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers (1967)

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